Saturday Nights - Hindi Touching Short Film – A special relationship

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Vishwas is a middle-aged widower staying on his own in an apartment in Mumbai. It is evident that he has no one in his life. On a Saturday evening, Vishwas dresses up in nice clothes and sets out to meet someone. Some residents in his society notice him and one of them claims that Vishwas is a decadent man, who goes to the red-light area every weekend to have sex. But is Vishwas that kind of a person what society members think?

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Shibu Sable
Music / Sound: Anurag Godbole, Shibu Sable / Abhijit Shreeram Deo
Editor: Kedar Gogate
Cinematographer: Bhavesh Rawal
Actors: Pradnya Manwatkar, Shibu Sable, Abhijit Deo, Nilesh Ankolekar, Anurag Godbole

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